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Monday, October 11, 2010

TECHIN shopping and fashion observation day

Givenchy dress look so slick in real life
LANVIN 's rack very flamboyant...i love when they hung together its amazing
all the beads and all the raw edge deatails look get well together and freshness...

the Lanvin bag are to die for if i were a girl i would by it at the first time they're so tempting
and I already boost all of close girlfriends to buy them and the price is affordable for now.

The idea of this shoes is simple amazing the butt of shoes they came as sandals...
I love it...I want it...but no size again lol not sure what the brand it is but i guess They're Mihara Yasuhiro (my favorite menswear brand so far very fresh of idea and coolest)Lanvin sneakers were on my list for a while but now they don't have any available size for me It sad indeed. I love these shade of green color ...... and the details are awesome love the way how they mixed the different fabric which it so tenderness and tasteful...What I' ve got today is the Jill sander wallet look very simple and I just love it at the first time....the color is nice and the leather is so soft..
I love the care card that came with the wallet It showed how much attentive from the brand to their's customer.

This is all about my last saturday i was alone at the shopping mall and just realised how good to shopping alone I can walk around as long as I want and absord all fashion things. I think this is the great day of myself it was like I walked around in the libary of fashion.....
and they also have many interesting of racks such as Marni,Jill Sander,Comme des Garcon,Junya Watanabe,Martin Margiela I could sleep over at there lol I love a creative spirit of Hi - end clothes...and i love to touch it again and agian and I like to analyze how different character of each brand and imagine what's kind of woman gonna where theirs clothes...this is such a happy time of myself :)




  1. Your view is so different from other Thai fashion graduates, I've known. You are not just dressed up lover, then, you attended to Fashion Class but you are observant and analytic person. These 2 things are hardly find in Thai fashion graduates which RSU & LME are gratified for lauching you to fashion market.
    Moreover, you encourage me to take a photo in Club21 ;p

  2. Yes...this is not my work but my favourite moment.....i could sleep over in it...yesss I love to rise my experience even more and more about fashion.... so thats why i always think in different way with same age ..... thank for compliment kap