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Monday, October 18, 2010



This is another my favorite collection KAI...this collection was too good to be true all the ideas and tecnique are to die for!!! fresh and classic !! done it so well!!!!!

CURATED by Ek Thongpasert

love the way they have did the presentation...very interestingThis printed is to die for ....very like the color combination
The tecnique were awesome and freshness ...the pastel palette were so sweet
this is another great womenswear collection...you guy rock!!!
My favorite look from Curated was Pinstripe pants,Beige long cardigan,and deep color top with brown leather accessory ...perfect combination!!

Peacock green shoes and pinstripes pants are already on my list.

I've got this ring from Curated by Ek Thongpasert show they 've prepared for front and second row seats.. this is the best gift ever from the designer...the ring setting with no diamond...cool idea!! you're rock!! this is only ring I'm wearing rightnow.







Boudoir love the deep red fur and all deep color lingerie...and the stage was so cute....remind me of Alice in wonderland movie....all about naughty,girlish , innocent and sexy girls.... all the guy has melted by Boudoir girls.


nothing to say much for this show all about Korean music and Kangaroo boy :)


50's vibe is already at Pisit show...This is the another great collection for me...very classic and flawlessly.... very well done in his own way...claps claps
Girls girls!!

Perfect resort look..
I love that prada skirt worn with men shirt and that perfect necklace awesome girl!!
Pui she work as designer for Nsha brand I alway love to talk with her about all the fashion things
we have a same passion girl you rock!

Front row seat is easier to focus on deatails.with all gentle men ..Peng(photographer) and his friend

Mark he 's so sweet ...(Bag designer)

so Frenchy.....Black lace and navy blazer..

these two lady were so stunning I love theirs color and style..!! rock!
didn't see much Thai lady with the color so I got excited with these 2 ladys.

Madame Duang on leopard dress and her Rouge Rouge clutch.

I met my friend by accicdent and he has walked for Zenith and Nagara...Sexy boyy
With Meow my partner designer

Deep red + sport influence + heather grey + Khakhi pants+ vintage printed hankerchief+brown leather = Techin 's classic twist

always superb...Art araya in Vattit Ithhi dress...
seems like she is the real hi light of the fashion week
first day of the fashion week I saw her with YSL heels....stunning!
spot it ! LV bag carried by Mark Maruwut
visit his blog here

deep color (wearing vintage Balenciaga shirt,and vintage leopard necktie)

with my lollipop while waitin for Disaya show...It was the last show of the week...so packed of Disaya fans

at the after party as soon as P'Ford(Editor Elle magazine) has opened the bottom of champagne the party has started immediately!
I really got the word foam party lol after here we have moved to Circle for 4x4 after party...
such a superb and fun night...I love it

SI she's not a kid anymore she's already a supermodel...the pround of Thailand she just came back from Paris after walk at Louis vuitton,Vivienne westwood,Limi feu...we have had a great chatted and we were a little bit drunked at the after party girl wish you will appear at Jill sander show very soon as you wish You 're ROCK!

this post will be about my good moment and my outfit at ELLE FSW and few photos of peoples with style actually I want to take a photo of many nice style peoples but I was really awkward and shy to ask them (my very first time to shoot people)...very suprised has many one I never know came to say hi and took a photo with me at the fashion week...

Nice to meet you all my new friends!!

I had very good moment and meet tons of old friends we have had a nice chatted about fashion disscussion....How was the show?Do you like the show? bla bla bla.......I love to talk with creative people about fashion It like when a guy talking about football game..... they were a great moment for me

I'm really sorry that I missed 4x4 by Mai Patsrun he is such a genius and sweet designer....many friends keep talking after the show you so missed it out this show is so you...you gonna love them.....pity!! many one told me that the clothes are very simple and came in nice color that make me more can't wait to see the picture....
simple show is what I'm waiting for after seeing a lot of dramatic
I'm still waiting for the photo and will write about it soon

Actually I want to write it more and give u more deatails about the outfit and people but I'm way too sleepy and I have to up very early at the tommorow morning

This year many of brand getting better about theirs work and some very suprised me...beyond beyond...lots pride of Thailand

have a goodnight guy !!!

wish you like it!!


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  1. Miss u jung

    I dont post on ur blog for a long time but i always foloow u na ^^

    I lovw ur look at the nagara show It's very simply good matching color
    it's perfect with the scalf detail love love love

    see u at the show !!!!