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Saturday, October 2, 2010


the dress code is Black -Tie but im not the person who good at formal style.... so i always break the rules and end up with the thing i like navy blue suit (myself design),black stripe see through fabric shirt (myself design) ,black sripe tie(Greyhound),5 quartes pants(Playhound) ,vintage leather shoes ...and i love the result neat meet a touch of rebellious and yes its so me....

no word for this party..!!! it was very premium a lot of gorgeous peoples...at the party they had a lot of worst and good dress anyway they made me realised a lot of things what is a girl look good on and who's stand out from the crowd by her dress (killer dress)
but so pity I didn't take much photo of good dress people because of the whisky it was so heavily it made me drunked since second glasses

so this all about the black list party and me .....

me with my lovely Celine vintage bag i was carried it as a clutch for the party at night

oily face lol damn hot

Mr.Itch the partner business of Michae Adam(FTV) Hes such a warm guy and i was surprised to know that her dughter work as public relation for Jill sander and Kenzo...no doubt why he couldbe a fashion dad

love her sexy back (p'art Araya)
good shows
me while im on the boat to get across to the other side ...the party seperated to 2 parts u have to get across the river by boat what a sweet ides....i love it

heart this greeny chair

my picture before the party at the office

shot by me love this fierced

our F oufits also has joined the black list party

with the owner of the brand HIA TUI...he's such a smart guy and he ve got young attitude

with our models toasts!!

i was kinda sicked of the weather at the out door area with a suit and necktie damn hot u could see the oily on my face lol and i felt stiif on my legs couldnt stand longer because it the cocktails party so i left the party very early

anyway it was such a great night...u done it so well Black Label love xx

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