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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have been very busy times....

at first sorry for i havent update blog for longtime kinda ve been very busy times with my work at FTV the shop will open in the end of this year and also crazy party Lol then this is almost all of my latest street photo that have taken by many street photographer some good some bad but its come naturally love them !!! thank y'all for da cool pic
and the bad thing i ve met that i just lost my second strom BB so im broke already lol then i buy a new Bold BB its work so well hope it wont lost anymore huh..... drunk dont chat ure BB will lost haha

when jersey meet jersey Lol thank for this cute mentioned on his blog and thank for da cool photo

this is also my simple favorite look bag from CK calvien klien shoes from Adidas

(shirt : the alchemist (cool thai young designer), shorts : Topman ,shoes : vintage , glasses :tomford)
at small opening Another F.C.K shop at Bangkok many cool stuff from Hongkong

i really love this photo the light and my pose get well together LOLand i also love this my minimal look with safety pin on simple shir the result so cool love em (Shirt : Balenciaga , Jeans : vintage ,shoes : vintage , safety pin : myself stuff ,tote bag : LANVIN)

this look the same with above picture but plus military jacket

At EllE FSW my fav look of myself my cute sock love love love love ^^ i bought it for a while but dont have any chance to wear it ....
this is my lovely tees thank Mr.Bob (Company consultant from Newyork) he have bought it for me because when u c this guy face on tees he thinking of me haha what a sweet thank you very much...^^

Hope u guy doing well i will try to update a blog everyday if i could ^^
and now i start to sketching my own collection ...wish me luck


  1. Hello!!!

    I waiting for ur blog's update na

    I really love ur grey jersey trousers and I have one. My trousers is look like u. I bought it from PaulB JJ Market. sorry may i ask u what's ur brand? because I see it in painkiller too. and I think painkiller is cool. but it's look similar if u didn't fix in detail haha

    The military jacket is look good. I plan to have it too. haha

    I think ur Shorts. make u looking cute and young na. and nerd haha

    Right now I use my blog to sent a homework to Ajarn. so I didn't update anything about my life :(
    but u can still comment on my blog na
    bye bye

  2. can't wait to see your stuff.

    the alchemists is one of my fave label in bkk. i also like wonder anatomie and this label taatooh.

    btw, where is another located? i wanna check it out. ;)

  3. hey i'm back!!! come visit me often guy!