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Monday, February 23, 2009

some street style

Me on Cheeze magazine..... Yesterday my brother's girlfriends bought this magazine for me.... I'm actually not a big fan of it. They ask me a lot of time to take a photo but i never see my face on mag Lol..... I think this is a only one street fashion magazine of Bangkok that include good taste people in it and bad (so much)..... just in my opinion.. Look so normal in...(cardigan 5 cm,shirt Agnes b.,lossely pants realistic situation,vintage shoes,Muji bag ,Tom ford glasses)
I'm pretty love this pic it's so me At BIFW
Thank photographer...

I think this guy have a good style relax and smart.....

I really don't like the way she's wear rock style like this with gucci bag??????????????????????????? OMG... and so may accessories make me wonder.. real fashion????????? but maybe she like it that's ok... just in my opinion

love the way she wear a boy trouser with that high heels look so classy but contrat with harley davidson tee , pearl necklaces ,leather jacket with messy hair perfect combination..!! SAY ROCK CHIC!!
prada clutch with leather jacket and flat shoes.. a little bit contrast but great.....love her hair .......it's pretty classy rock... (I will buy that watch soon Issey Miyake ..it's on my list )
OMG look at them (last two girls).... they really have such a great sense of rock style .. they put chic accersories with leather jacket u're guy really done it well it's a real fashion and great hair stye it's rock!!!! this is a good taste people that i mention .. NOw it's a trend of rock star but they are not copy celebrity style they have sense of themself and it make they look different from the other girls in bangkok ......... baby I hate copy look Don't do fake thing. .....EWWW!!......
ps. sorry for some critical
u know u love me

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  1. I like this Prada that make her outstanding from another girl. :]